Our services

Alongside the production of high-value applications, a sustainable concept, an appropriated marketing strategy and a periodic review are essential factors for the success of your mobile applications. That is why we put a strong emphasis on our consulting services as well as on the implementation. During the concept development phase we rely on many years of experience and the intensive exchange.


Furthermore we accompany the whole product life cycle from conception through to development and finally marketing and measurement of results. This included topics such as functional analysis, definitions of chances and risks, technical development, project management, development of sales and pricing.


Nuromedia may promote and publish your applications and games, in particular in the App Store (iPhone / iPod / iPad) and the Android Marketplace.The applications and games can be integrated in the cross-promotion network.


Together with agencies in the field of press and public relations as well as social media and viral marketing we work on an international basis to maximize the number of downloads and the volume of sales in the target markets.


Your Apps and games should proceed successfully!


If you want to publish the App by yourself, Nuromedia can support you and help to perform appropriate.


Please contact us for further details.